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  • Irina Lebedeva

    Computer Science China

    PhD Candidate in Computer Science

  • Dr Huanpo Ning

    Materials Engineering And Materials Science Donghua University, Shanghai China
  • Kaibo WU

    Fudan University China
  • Jeff Levison

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Weise

    Computer Science Institute of Applied Optimization, Hefei University (合肥学院) China

    I am Prof. Dr. Thomas Weise [汤卫思], the director of the Institute of Applied Optimization [应用优化研究所] of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology [计算机科学与技术系] of the Hefei University [合肥学院]. Before founding this institute, I was a computer scientist at the USTC-Birmingham Joint Research Institute in Intelligent Computation and Its Applications (UBRI) belonging to the School of Computer Science and Technology (SCST) of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) [中国科学技术大学] for seven years. I received my doctorate…

  • Marina Puzenko

  • Julia Mullaiarova

  • Dr. Rafayel Petrosyan

    Physics University of Alberta Canada

  • Nadia Ogneva

  • Dr. Roman Rezaev

    Materials Science ITF IFW Dresden Germany

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